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Headphone Offers : Headphones provide an effective way to tune out life’s hustle and bustle and focus on sounds you adore, offering an escape from stressors while listening to what matters to you. Walmart offers Every Day Low Prices so that you can find one that meets both your needs and budget requirements.

These earbuds feature strong active noise cancellation (ANC) technology and superior LDAC sound quality, plus sweat and water resistance with long battery life. Plus, click the on-page coupon to save!

1. Sony WH-1000XM5s

Sony hit a home run with their WH-1000XM4 headphones, and with these improved XM5 models they have hit another homerun while improving some minor issues relating to call clarity. Although not cheap headphones, these models remain among the very best in their class and make for a worthy investment.

These over-ear headphones feature 11 modes of active noise cancellation and a 30mm driver unit to deliver premium sound quality. Their dual processors control multiple microphones for outstanding noise cancelling capabilities, with an Auto NC Optimizer feature to adapt noise cancellation based on your location and head size. Furthermore, these can deliver Hi-Res Audio over Bluetooth playback, plus Sony’s DSEE Extreme which analyzes instruments, vocals and other aspects of songs in order to restore lost high frequencies.

The Sony headphones are constructed from durable, recyclable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), offering a comfortable fit molded around your ears for a great experience. Choose between black or an off-white ecru color option with small “Sony” logos on each ear cup and soft TPU pads on both headband and ear cups.

As with earlier generations of Sony headphones, the XM5s feature touch gesture controls on their right ear cup. A double tap plays/pauses audio, answers or ends calls, skips forward/backward through tracks, answers/ends calls. Swiping up/down adjusts volume levels accordingly.

2. Bose 700

The Bose 700 headphones are an outstanding addition to the company’s QuietComfort lineup, providing superior noise cancellation with touch controls and an attractive over-ear design. Offering up to 20 hours of listening time when set at maximum noise cancelation level – making these ideal companions for commutes, flights and long distance listening sessions alike.

Left ear cup features power/Bluetooth pairing buttons and voice activation controls, while the right cup features capacitive touch pad playback control – just tap or swipe forward or back on tracks, volume can be increased/decreased accordingly – to use gesture controls; taking some practice may help but EQ adjustments might still require using companion app for optimal sound experience.

The Bose 700 wireless headphones also include a USB charging port – an impressive feature considering most wireless headphones only include Bluetooth technology. You can use them with either an 1/8″ TRS cable or directly via wire; FLAC and WAV formats support lossless audio formats when connected through wire, and they support lossless audio formats like FLAC or WAV when used via wire connection. While they are slightly more expensive than Sony WH-1000XM5s they provide superior noise cancelling performance as well as an integrated mic which supports lossless formats; you can customize their ANC performance via app which makes them overall better overall buy than Apple’s AirPods Max Wireless with lower latency when used between iOS or Android platforms.

3. Skullcandy Sesh Evo

These dirt-cheap true wireless earbuds offer excellent bassy sound quality and long-term comfort, along with decent isolation and Bluetooth connection. However, these budget earphones lack some of the advanced features found on our best budget headphones, such as dedicated talk-through button or switchable EQ modes to control bass/treble response balance.

Their build quality is high-grade, with an IP55 dust and splashproof rating for workouts. Their secure fit and lightweight weight make for a pleasant listening experience – even during runs! In Mono mode you can wear just one earbud while still hearing surroundings clearly, plus their water-resistance case helps them stand up against dust or splashes of water.

These earbuds are easy to pair with your device, automatically entering pairing mode the moment they power on. Touch sensors enable easy control over volume, skip tracks, calls, voice assistant activation and selecting different EQ modes without ever touching your phone!

These earbuds come with a two-year warranty and come equipped with a convenient charging case featuring LED lights to indicate its charge level. Tile technology lets you use your mobile app to audibly locate and track down if you lose them; additionally, in-app equalization beyond three preset modes would benefit these headphones significantly.

4. Anker True Wireless Earbuds

Anker is best-known for their power banks and chargers, but they also produce audio products under the Soundcore brand of headphones. Their affordable earbuds typically feature adjustable active noise cancellation systems and companion apps; Soundcore Liberty 4 earbuds offer spatial audio playback as well as customisable EQ presets and support for Hi-Res LDAC codec.

These comfortable earbuds come in various colors and feature an ergonomic design to fit snugly in the ear canal without feeling bulky or restrictive. Their two microphones filter out ambient noise for clear voice communications in noisy environments, providing 8 hours of playback or 28 hours if extended with their compact charging case. Compatible with Apple devices, these earbuds will automatically connect when opened from their case.

Master & Dynamic’s MW08 wireless earbuds boasting a luxury New York City design are an ideal pair of headphones to invest in if you want long-lasting quality sound. Packed with features, their most stand-out feature is their innovative Bluetooth chip which ensures seamless pairing across devices for reliable connectivity.

Raycon Over-Ear Headphone Offers Review

Raycon Everyday headphones feature a comfortable fit with excellent battery life and offer noise cancellation to block out background noise.

Unfortunately, they do not possess an effective soundstage, with instruments and vocals often intertwined and an excessive emphasis on bass and treble frequencies.


If you follow YouTubers regularly, chances are good that you have heard of Raycon headphones. Sponsored by multi-platinum recording artist and reality television star Ray J, Raycon has released various audio products since early 2018 and become a significant player in the true wireless headset market. Their most recent offering – Raycon Everyday Headphones – are priced to appeal to mass consumer markets; but are they worth the cost?

The Raycon Everyday headphones connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, supporting both SBC and AAC codecs for enhanced audio playback. Their manufacturer estimates an 11-meter connection range. With in-ear design that blocks ambient noise effectively and being built better than their Truly Wireless cousins (E55 Truly Wireless), these less comfortable options still feel sturdy enough for everyday use and IPX7 certification, these are a good value option.

Each earbud features a control button that can be pushed to perform various functions. A single press will pause the music; two presses on either side will skip to the next track; three presses will increase or decrease output volume; while holding down can activate your phone’s virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa.

The Fitness Earbuds are made for sports and fitness use and come with a convenient carrying case capable of holding eight hours of playback. Certified as IPX7 water immersion resistant, they’re lightweight, portable, comfortable in-ear fit for long workouts, four pairs of different size stability fins to ensure secure fits, an H1 chip compatible with Apple devices as well as four different pair of fins to provide secure fits.


The Raycon Everyday E25 wireless earbuds are an economical pair of wireless earbuds designed to connect via bluetooth with any device and charge in their included case. Not ideal for audiophiles seeking pure sound quality, these will still serve you well for listening to music or podcasts on-the-go.

These headphones are lightweight and portable; perfect for travel and comfortable to wear during long workout sessions. Certified IPX7 waterproof, they can withstand submersion for one hour at a time without being damaged; with 10.4-hour battery life to last throughout your fitness regime and multiple pairs of stability fins designed specifically to find your optimal fit earbuds designed specifically for fitness activities – plus 10-4 battery life for long workout sessions!

These headphones feature an easy, straightforward design that makes them simple and straightforward to use. Each earbud contains a control button which can be pressed for various functions; one press will pause the music, two press will skip a track, three presses will adjust volume settings or activate voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

These headphones are the ideal companions for workouts and sports activities. Their lightweight construction offers secure fit while you run or lift weights, their plush ear cups provide plush comfort, making these ideal for extended listening sessions. Furthermore, their carrying case provides safe storage when not in use.

These headphones boast an extremely loud and bass-heavy sound profile that will please most users, though some may find it less pleasing. Treble range is overemphasized; vocals and lead instruments may become muffled or harsh sounding. There are two EQ presets you can select which will improve sound quality.

Online Marketplaces

Raycons headphones could be just what you’ve been searching for if you need headphones that will accompany you during workouts, commutes, or simply relaxing with friends. Their wireless earbuds offer great sound quality while remaining comfortable to wear; plus charging them up is effortless with enough battery life for all-day listening enjoyment!

CVC 6.0 technology found on some of the latest models helps enhance voice clarity during calls by reducing ambient noise, making your voice audible and less muffled compared to an active noise cancellation headphone.

Raycons offer decent bass response, yet can become overwhelming on certain tracks. Unfortunately, their lack of high-frequency detail may present issues for classical music or other genres that demand precise sound reproduction. While comfortable for long periods of wear and fitting well in most ears, their audio can sometimes be too loud when using in public places – so be mindful when turning down its volume!

Although these earbuds provide efficient Bluetooth pairing, they are incompatible with iPhones and do not support AAC codecs or NFC pairing, making them less suitable for commutes or multi-device use around the house.

Earbuds tend to exhibit poor midrange accuracy and overemphasis that extends to the low-mid range, leading to mixes that sound cluttered or obscure vocals and lead instruments. Furthermore, their treble range is overemphasized causing harsh or piercing sounds like cymbals to come through more prominently than expected.

If you’re shopping for new earbuds, the Raycon E100 Truly Wireless headphones may be worth considering as an alternative to Raycon Fitness Earbuds. These superior quality in-ear buds have a more neutral sound profile which can be customized using their companion app, plus provide more traditional in-ear fit which reduces ambient noise for superior ANC performance.

Headphone Offers
Headphone Offers – Deals Related to Headphone Products

Is Temu Too Good to Be True?

Temu boasts 11 million monthly users and continues to expand at “China speed,” something US companies struggle to match. Unfortunately, some people have been dissatisfied with its low-quality products and lengthy shipping times – both factors which contribute to Temu’s rapid expansion.

PDD Holding leverages its extensive and deep network of merchants and logistic partners for year-round discounts and promotions.


Temu, an online marketplace from Boston that sells everything from wigs to cookware at unbelievably low prices, has quickly become one of the premier apps on both iOS and Android, surpassing Amazon and budget marketplaces such as Shein. However, is Temu too good to be true?

Temu’s deep discounts have proven attractive to consumers who are experiencing inflation and worry of recession. Temu also cuts out the middleman by directly partnering with Chinese suppliers and shipping products directly from China rather than setting up warehouses; this model enables it to offer items up to 40% less expensively than Amazon.

Temu manages to maintain competitive pricing by adding new sellers and manufacturers to its marketplace, who compete against each other to bring customers in, driving prices down as shoppers compete to attract them. Furthermore, this platform offers purchase protection to reimburse customers if any damages occur during shipping process.

Temu offers deep discounts that make shopping fun, yet it is crucial that buyers carefully read and assess reviews prior to making a purchase. Although Temu’s return policy is generous, refunds may take up to 90 days to show up in your account and size issues may lead to disappointment or waste in orders.


Temu has quickly made waves since their Super Bowl commercial aired in September 2022, quickly rising to the top of free apps on both App Store and Google Play. Customers have responded enthusiastically to Temu’s vast range of products at prices hard to beat; consumer responses include baby bibs, beauty products and power tools all being purchased via Temu with free shipping available as well as an attractive return policy.

“Team Up, Price Down,” is the company’s tagline, reflecting their mission of using economies of scale to provide customers with reduced prices for purchases made. When more customers buy one product at once, production becomes cheaper for sellers and manufacturers; this allows the company to provide unbeatably low prices while simultaneously creating an enhanced user experience.

Though some buyers may experience size surprises, it is crucial that buyers carefully read and comprehend a company’s return policy before placing an order. Refunds typically take 90 days and you can apply any returns towards future purchases; free shipping for your first return makes shopping even easier, plus there are multiple payment options for those on busy shopping schedules. Furthermore, this company maintains an active social media presence that frequently posts questions and feedback related to products on its website or app.


Consumers still tend to favor Amazon and eBay when it comes to online marketplaces; however, Temu has grown quickly in the US thanks to its ultra-low prices. Established by PDD Holdings – parent of China’s social commerce giant Pinduoduo – Temu provides deep discounts on everything from Lenovo headphones and fast fashion clothing to Lenovo headphones and Lenovo smartwatches. Plus it comes equipped with an incentive program rewarding users for spreading word of Temu among their social networks.

Since its debut in September, Temu has quickly become the number-one free app on Apple’s App Store according to App Intelligence. With seemingly unbeatably low prices that resonated with American consumers amidst inflation fears and tightening budgets, this cross-border ecommerce platform has proven immensely popular with American shoppers, while simultaneously enabling Chinese suppliers to sell directly into US shoppers without needing warehouses in country.

Temu, an American firm, recently reached an astonishing daily gross merchandise value of over $100 Million per day according to news website 36Kr. Their business model mirrors Shein’s, another Chinese retailer known for selling fast fashion clothes at ultra-low prices.

Temu offers competitive prices and quality that cannot be beaten, such as Lenovo Live Pods LP3 Pro charging case and earbuds which come packaged in a small box with dented corners; according to their listing they support Bluetooth 5.0 technology with up to three hours playback per charge cycle.

Teenage Engineering Headphone Offers Review

Swedish cult brand teenage engineering knows just how to pack a lot of power into small packages when it comes to music production. Their latest device, an advanced mixer and audio interface with multiple features, demonstrates this capability.

The M-1 Personal Monitors are an ideal pairing with the OP-Z, providing both superior sound quality and sampling convenience. Each ear cup rotates 180 degrees for easy stowage in their accompanying case.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphone Offers

The Beats Solo3 headphones are cable-free audiophile headphones with an exceptional battery life, providing 40 hours of listening time on one charge and three additional hours after just five minutes’ recharge time. Their comfortable design makes them suitable for long flights and commutes while their dual beam-forming mics allow users to take calls, change songs or use voice activation – perfect for flights and commutes alike! With on-ear controls for phone calls and changing songs along with on-ear controls and voice activated control features.

Beats’ signature bass-heavy sound profile makes these headphones fun to listen to for genres such as EDM and hip hop, yet can interfere with vocals and lead instruments and prevents you from customizing the EQ. Furthermore, Beats opts for a glossy finish which shows up scratches and scuffs like Pokemon caught fresh out of the box – yet another reason these are considered more juvenile headphones than their more adult-looking competitors such as Sennheiser Momentum Wireless or Bose QC35 II models.

The Beats Solo3 are lightweight headphones designed to be folded up easily into their compact case for travel use, making them a good option when pairing an Apple device. But their tight fit can cause ear fatigue after long wear times; runners may find these less comfortable, and their lack of earcup padding limits how much ambient sound they block out. But for anyone searching for wireless headphones capable of lasting through multiple transatlantic flights, the Beats Solo3 are an ideal option.

Amazon Echo Dot

If you’re searching for a smart speaker to enhance your home, the Amazon Echo Dot could be an ideal solution. Small and relatively affordable, it plays music, answers questions and controls other devices while setting reminders and reading news headlines – although its audio quality may not match high-end devices it makes it an excellent companion for podcasts or casual listening.

The Dot is available in various colors and designs, with its 4th generation model featuring a new look and slightly improved sound quality compared to prior generations. However, it shouldn’t be considered as an audiophile speaker.

A smaller puck-shaped device with built-in clock, designed to sit on tables or desks and be controlled using either voice activation, the Alexa app, physical buttons or physical control options.

Amazon Echo Dot devices are composed of various materials, such as polycarbonate plastic. This material makes the Dot extremely durable and simple to keep clean. Each package includes the device itself, along with power adapter and two small instruction manuals; in addition, Amazon offsets electricity used to power their devices with renewable energy while offering trade-in/recycling programs and trade-in and recycling programs for its devices. Furthermore, buying a protective case could help safeguard it against scratches or accidental falls.

INSMY Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The INSMY is an eye-catching portable speaker with great sound for its price. Equipped with a 20 watt driver that produces enough volume to fill a room in stereo, and submergible in water making it suitable for showers or outdoor adventures – or it can even be paired with another INSMY speaker to increase listening power even further.

The M-1 headphones are stylish folding headphones offering premium sound quality and convenient features. While intended to complement an OP-Z synthesizer for voice sampling, they’re compatible with any audio gear with headphone outputs – even daisy chaining can share the listening experience between friends! With 29″ cable length and four 3.5mm 4-pole (TRRS) male connectors allowing daisy chaining capabilities these are sure to please.

These headphones are lightweight and comfortable thanks to soft cushioned earpads that fit snuggly over your ears, folding flat for easy portability and featuring adjustable headband. With its touch controls on each earcup being responsive and quick, managing music, calls, mobile-video chats is made easy; additionally the M-1 headset’s Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a stable wireless connection, supporting aptX Low Latency codecs to offer seamless music streaming experience without delays or lag.

AirPods Case

AirPods come equipped with an excellent protective case, but you may require something else for extra peace of mind. That is why I particularly appreciate Totallee’s lightweight silicone case; its slim yet easy-grip surface offers 360-degree drop protection.

Water-resistant design helps safeguard AirPods while swimming or at the beach, with a water-resistent indicator light on its front face and support for wireless charging capabilities. At just 3.2 ounces, its addition won’t add significantly to their weight when stored in bags or backpacks.

Apple recently filed for a patent on headphones featuring built-in touchscreens that will allow users to control audio sources and interact with apps associated with them. Apple imagines using their touchscreens for playing music, adjusting volume levels and favorite songs, performing simple taps or swipes and more.

Spigen offers an eye-catching protective case designed specifically for third-generation AirPods that comes in various vibrant combinations. It comes equipped with wireless charging, status indicator light on the front, and Bluetooth pairing buttons on its back – though slightly more costly than Totallee.

How to Choose TXT Headphones

These headphones have become an ideal solution for air travel as they block out noise from other passengers and the plane’s engine, providing an ideal listening environment for music or audiobooks while on board.

Walmart Marketplace Seller Reviews provide customers with feedback regarding the service quality received from sellers they purchased products from. Reviews should focus more on service than product details.

How to Get Started in the Wholesale Headphones Business

There is an assortment of headphones on the market today, some with microphones while others just containing simple headsets. Furthermore, some come equipped with noise-cancellation technology as well as waterproof features.

Finding reliable online retailers makes purchasing wholesale headphones simple. These shops can offer a selection of wholesale headphones at great prices and should be your go-to resource for all of your headphone needs.

Online Marketplaces

A great pair of headphones can make an immense difference to how music sounds. They can give your music all of the bass and treble it deserves so that every drum beat and guitar strum comes through loud and clear, as well as blocking out noise so you can concentrate on tasks at hand.

Headphone styles and prices can vary widely online. In order to save on headphones, look out for sales or coupons; certain stores even provide free shipping with orders over certain amounts.

Global Sources is a wholesale headphone dealer offering high-quality products at wholesale prices. Their headphones come from well-known brands and have been tested for quality before being made lightweight for comfort and noise cancellation. Each comes with one year warranty making these an excellent investment. In addition, their customer support team responds in real time while their website supports 21 auto-translated languages making ordering simple; Global Sources guarantees you’ll get quality headphones at reasonable prices!


Wholesale headphones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can find them anywhere from online marketplaces to physical stores. However, it is essential that before making your decision to purchase wholesale headphones you do your research thoroughly in regards to product quality as well as ensuring you receive an acceptable price point.

If you are importing headphones from China, it is imperative that you receive written assurance from the manufacturer that they are genuine, as well as verify the ownership of any trademarks used on them. Furthermore, make sure they’re legal to sell in your country before proceeding with their sale.

Global Sources provides an online B2B marketplace connecting you with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Here, you can browse stylish goods at competitive prices while quickly comparing MOQs. Additionally, Global Sources provides additional value-added services such as screen printing, fulfillment, dye sublimation – not forgetting its full refund policy for any returned goods!

Finding a Supplier

Wholesale headphones are an effective way to break into the electronics industry, with China being an excellent place to begin your search for quality yet inexpensive headphones and earbuds. Professional headphone suppliers may also be found at tradeshows that specialize in wholesale electronic products; or via Alibaba search.

When choosing a supplier, it’s essential that they have an excellent reputation in order to avoid issues with buyers and protect your business. You can check this by searching on Google or speaking to previous customers; additionally, always double-check product quality and shipping speed before making your selection.

Hire a sourcing agent company to handle your import needs. These professionals will conduct the research and negotiate prices on your behalf to make sure that you get the best prices and quality items at an acceptable cost. They may even help avoid scams or any potential issues when selecting trusted wholesalers who offer lower MOQs – giving your online retail business confidence from day one!


When buying wholesale headphones from China, it is important to be mindful of the minimum order quantity (MOQ). This amount must be purchased all at once in order to receive discounts; MOQs may differ significantly and it is vitally important that you understand their effects on your business.

High MOQs may result from manufacturing companies’ efforts to maximize profits by selling to the most popular stores within their industry, yet that doesn’t mean there can’t be manufacturers offering lower MOQs.

Search online or check supplier directories to locate low MOQ earphone manufacturers. Luckily, most suppliers are willing to negotiate the MOQ down by as much as 30% by asking nicely; usually about 30-50% can be saved this way. When requesting quotes make sure you detail all custom requirements clearly as this will give the most accurate estimation for MOQ requirements – for instance if needing packaging printed with your logo etc.


Earphones have become an essential accessory for smartphones and can be found at wholesale prices. Their popularity is on the rise due to the rapidly expanding music industry and increased consumer demand for enhanced audio experience. Fitness enthusiasts also often utilize them, making earphones an attractive marketing niche. Before selling earphones online it’s essential that research be conducted. For instance, using Google search results as an indicator, find out which keywords potential buyers are searching on and see which noise cancelling or workout headphones generate high search volume searches – these two will ensure success when selling online marketing earphones online!

At wholesale prices, earphones can be found online marketplaces such as Fulfillman Dropshipping Services. This e-commerce fulfillment platform offers competitive pricing, fast shipping times and numerous valuable tools that business owners can utilize to manage and scale their online stores – helping you to become an e-commerce entrepreneur in no time at all! Fulfillman is especially useful for bulk shipping needs of businesses that rely on Fulfilman for fulfillment needs.

Headphone Offers
Headphone Offers – Deals Related to Headphone Products

Top 5 Bulk Headphones Suppliers

Purchase wholesale headphones can be straightforward, but be wary when choosing your supplier. Only trust an authorized dealer that provides manufacturer’s warranties.

These bulk headphones are perfect for classroom settings and feature soft foam ear cushions with adjustable plastic headbands and 4.5 foot cords with 3.5 mm stereo plugs for connectivity to most devices. Each unit comes individually bagged and sealed.


Kiko Wholesale Group provides their customers with premium mono Bluetooth headphones and earbud headsets at unbeatably affordable prices, compatible with gaming systems and cell phones of today. In addition to providing Bluetooth headsets, they also provide screen protectors and skin covers – and stand by their commitment to providing exceptional customer service! Kiko Wholesale Group are bulk headset suppliers committed to offering exceptional customer service experience for every transaction made.

Earbuds can be used for gaming, listening to music and working. There is an assortment of styles and colors to meet the needs of every consumer; you should select a pair that best fits your ears if possible; audiophiles should look for models with noise-canceling features as these should also be comfortable to wear; Amazon provides many styles including Apple’s AirPods for sale.

Shenzhen Cellway offers another great solution, providing retailers with access to wholesale earbuds at competitive rates at Shenzhen Cellway’s large stock. Their antique trade experience and dedication to enhancing retailers’ profits make Shenzhen Cellway an excellent partner; fast delivery and an easy return policy complete their impressive offering.

Oberlo’s app for Shopify stores can also help you purchase wholesale earbuds at great savings – this tool allows you to import products with just one click and showcase ePacket shipping options to customers, leading to increased sales while improving the shopping experience for customers.


Walmart offers an assortment of headphones to meet every style and budget. No matter if it’s listening to music or watching shows on Netflix, a great pair of headphones makes all the difference in an experience. Choose from different styles, colors and finishes until you find your ideal pair; plus free next-day shipping covers most areas across America!

Walmart Marketplace boasts an outstanding customer feedback system. Achieving positive ratings here increases your chance of seeing products sold quickly.


If you’re on the search for quality headphones at an attractive price, eBay may be your go-to place. They carry an assortment of over-ear and wireless models, along with accessories designed to keep them in tiptop condition.

But you should also be mindful that some sellers on eBay aren’t reliable. Even if they have high ratings and many positive reviews, it could be that they’re using tactics to manipulate ratings in their favor – perhaps through multiple transactions over time that gradually build a spectacular score before scamming you with one large deal.

Visit your favorite headphone manufacturer’s websites. Often these feature full catalogs of their products so it is easy to compare prices and features; additionally, retailers that stock them may also be listed here.

BJB Earphones is an exceptional wholesale earbud dealer. Their earbuds are compatible with Apple, iPhone, and Android devices; furthermore they employ over 300 people in quick delivery services ensuring you always have your most profitable items on hand – thus increasing revenue!

Global Trade Sources connects you with authentic earbud dealers. Their 24/7 dashboard makes analyzing performance easy. Furthermore, their facetime service gives you instant answers to any of your questions on demand.


LightInTheBox is an established online store offering an expansive range of products. Their selection includes clothing, electronics and home goods at competitive prices; global shipping options are also provided as are convenient ways to pay. However, some customers have reported issues with LightInTheBox due to long shipping times or poor quality – two issues customers frequently complained about with previous companies they used for purchasing goods online.

This company operates out of Shenzhen and Beijing in China, manufacturing their products locally before shipping from warehouses around the country. Their range of products has reached over 200 countries; customers can use either credit cards or PayPal when paying for purchases; additionally they offer a rewards program which could earn them free shipping or discounts on products they buy from them.

Light In The Box customers have reported long shipping times as being particularly frustrating, while others have complained of missing or damaged items, as well as issues with sizing – specifically men receiving clothing too small after ordering a “large” shirt size.

LightInTheBox has earned a solid reputation for excellent customer service and fast shipping, but it’s wise to read reviews first before making your purchase decision. A website offering user experiences of LightInTheBox could help here.

Shinola Headphone Offers Review

Shinola, known for their luxurious watches and other leather goods such as bikes, journals and accessories is now offering premium audio products through their Canfield headphones, with over-ear and on-ear models now available online.

The Canfield headphones were developed in Detroit using custom 50mm dynamic drivers with genre-neutral sound profiles.


Shinola, renowned for their sleek wristwatches and business-class accessories such as leather-bound notebooks in Detroit, recently ventured into audio gear with their Runwell turntable and bookshelf speakers. Now the company is expanding into headphones through their Canfield collection which features two over-ear and one in-ear models.

Canfield headphones are designed, tuned and tested in Detroit; most components are produced overseas. Available now in black/silver/cognac combinations with leather earpieces and headband, with full grain leather being softened over time to better suit your head size. Simple controls include one volume knob with multifunctional features in its center module – these controls may take some getting used to at first; once learned however they become easier.

Shinola’s Canfield headphones are wired, featuring a 3.5mm cable with an adaptor to fit into the headphone port on your phone or tablet, but don’t yet feature Lightning connector compatibility – in order to connect these headphones with another set, a dongle or another pair may be necessary until then; wireless pairs will become available next year; Shinola’s headphones fall at the higher end of the market where prices for similar offerings start from $400 up to over $1,000.


Shinola of Detroit, maker of watches, leather goods and bicycles is making its inaugural venture into premium audio with its Canfield Headphone Collection featuring four styles – including earbuds and over-ear headphones that were engineered and assembled in Detroit over two years – as part of its Canfield Headphone Collection. These headphones were developed to maintain Shinola’s same dedication and craftsmanship that it puts into all its products.

Canfield headphones are made of stainless steel components and feature interchangeable lambskin ear cushions as well as a top-grain leather headband, along with interchangeable lambskin ear cushions and an adjustable top-grain leather headband. While heavier than comparable headphones at around 12 ounces, they remain comfortable enough for extended listening sessions and come in black, cognac, or glossy black colors with a two-year warranty coverage.

These headphones come packaged in a durable hard case secured with foam, with a braided no-tangle Y-cable and three button iOS inline mic built-in, designed for use with smartphones, tablets and laptops with standard 1/8″ headphone ports.

Though these headphones are beautiful to look at and comfortably designed, their subpar audio quality compromises their substantial price tag. There are better headphones out there for this price if noise cancellation or wireless functionality are priorities – however the Canfield headphones remain an ideal choice for anyone wanting to listen to their favorite tunes in style.


Shinola has long been known for producing watches and other products, but recently they have also expanded into other product lines. Their newly released headphones are an example of this; designed both beautiful and functional with four over-ear and on-ear models available and their prices comparable to other premium headphones but offering superior build quality.

The Canfield over-ear headphones, manufactured in Detroit with a 50 mm dynamic driver and interchangeable lambskin ear pads, feature a leather headband. Available in either black or cognac colors with no-tangle braided cables featuring remote/mic support; call quality was good in our tests.

These headphones are sensitive enough to play loudly without noticeable distortion, easy to connect with both an iPhone or iPad, and include a travel case. Their luxuriously soft earpads require some effort for adjustments at first, and their sturdy cables come packaged in their own protective pouch.

Though Canfield headphones are beautifully crafted, their price point may be too steep for pure audio performance. You might be better served by opting for another brand’s headphones if noise canceling and wireless features are important to you; examples such as Audeze EL-8s, Bowers and Wilkins P7s or Sennheiser HD1s would all make excellent alternatives to Canfields.


Shinola of Detroit makes stunning watches, leather gear and bikes; their Canfield headphones feature an eye-catching minimalist design made with stainless steel components and soft lambskin material; additionally they come with an anti-tangle braided cable equipped with three buttons for iOS inline mic use.

The Canfield Over-Ear wired headphones are an impressive combination of stainless steel components and interchangeable lambskin ear pads, available in three classic colors – black, silver and cognac at $595 retail. Their headband features polished and brushed finishes while each cup encased by fine leather from Chicago’s Horween Leather Company is covered by fine linings of polish/brush finish leather for comfort and sound quality. They retail at this price.

Canfield headphones are now available online and at select Shinola stores. Each set ships in a sturdy crush-proof travel case that includes a braided no-tangle headphone cable with an 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter and microfiber pouch to store cables and adapter as well as a signed certificate of authenticity with initials of both Acoustic QC and Final QC testers as well as their testing date; additionally there is also an extra protective carrying case and replacement ear pad included with every box.

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